Budo Jujitsu

Rank Requirements  For  Yudansha

with Current Certification


The candidate for promotion must have an earned Black Belt and demonstrate good character by following  the code of Bushido.: Justice, Courage, Benevolence, Politeness, Veracity(truth), Honor, Loyalty.

Note: Non-Black belt members will require additional time in grade.


Yellow Belt – 7th Kyu        3-4 months

Perform Ritsurei (standing bow), Heiko Dachi, Kibba Dachi, Zenkutsu Dachi,

Demonstrate the following techniques from  Atemi Waza:
1) Zuki Waza
2) Uraken (backfist)
3) Knuckle Smash Choku zuki
4) Reverse punch  Yaku zuki
5) Chop Shuto
6) Tettsui (hammer fist)


Keri Waza

1) Mae geri front
2) Mawashi geri round
3) Yoko geri side

Demonstrate the following Ukemi Waza:
1) Front Breakfall
2) Back Breakfall
3) Left Side Breakfall
4) Right Side Breakfall


Orange Belt – 6th Kyu     6 months

Demonstrate the following Kote waza (wrist locks):

1) Single Wrist Release
2) Cross Wrist Release
3) Two hand  hold
4) Wrist lock
5) Cross Wrist Release Variation

Demomstrate the following Ukemi Waza:

1) Front Roll
2) Back Roll


Demonstrate Osoto Gari. Both sides


Demonstrate the following strikes/zuki in combination:

1) Forefist , reverse, hook
2) Back Fist, spinning backfist, spinning elbow
3) Elbow Strike, knee, shuto
4) Forearm, palm, shuto
5) Upper cut, hook, hook
6) Palm heel ,reverse hammer fist

Demonstrate the following kicks/geri with kime/focus:

1) Knee Kick
2) Front Kick
3) Round Kick
4) Side  Kick




1)    Single and two hand grab

2)    Scissors guard



Green Belt – 5th Kyu     9 months

Demonstrate defense from the following:

1) Front Choke and two (2) variations
2) Single Lapel grab and two (2) variations
3) Double Lapel grab and two (2) variations
4) Rear Choke and two (2) variations
5) Front Bear Hug (Under arm)

Demonstrate the following kicks:

1) Side Kick
2) Back Kick
3) Front Heel Kick


Blue Belt – 4th Kyu  12 months

Demonstrate defense from the following:

1) Front Bear Hug (over arms)
2) Rear Bear Hug (under arms) and one (1) variation
3) Rear Bear Hug (over arms) and one (1) variation
4) Full Nelson
5) Ground Scissors
6) Ude gatame (straight arm lock)
7) Hadaka jime naked strangle choke



Brown Belt – 3rd Kyu  15 months

Demonstrate the following sweeps and throws:

1) Lead Leg Sweep
2) Rear Leg Sweep
3) Lead Leg Hook Sweep
4) Rear Leg Hook Sweep
5) Roundhouse Leg Sweep
6) Rear Leg Sweep
7) Hip Throw (O Goshi)
8) Shoulder Throw  (Seoi nage)
9) Sweeping hip Hari goshi
10) Rolling Throw (Toma Nage)

Demonstrate the following kicks in combination:

1) Front, front, round
2) Round, round, side
3) Front, round, side



Brown Belt – 2nd Kyu   18 months

Newaza (ground techniques)

Shime waza (Strangulation)

Sangaku gatame (Triangle hold)
Demonstrate defense from the following:

1) Side Headlock
2) Front Headlock
3) Rear Strangle
4) Front Hair Grab
5) Rear Hair Grab
6) Escape from  3 ground chokes
7) Escape from ground scissors, [passing guard]

Randori (Free style) Stand-up to ground


Brown Belt – 1st Kyu   21 months


Demonstrate escapes and defenses from the following:

1) Arm Bar
2) Rear Arm Pin
3) Double Arm Pin
4) Roundhouse Punch & ten (10) variations
5) Turtle defense



Black Belt – Shodan(1st Dan)  24 months


Pre-test (Fitness requirement)

1)    Pre-test Basics:  Demonstrate ALL previous requirements
2) Demonstrate defense from the following:
A) Front Kick
B) Round Kick
C) Side Kick
D) Over Head Knife
E) Side Knife
F) Slashing Knife
G) Jabbing Knife
H) Underneath Knife
I) Over Head Club
J) Side Head Club



Black Belt Exam /Final test


1)    Kumite:  Be able to demonstrate all striking and evading skills in full contact

5 Rounds


2)    Randori: Be able to demonstrate all holds submissions and escapes in free-style grappling from the ground.

5 rounds