About Coach Gina

Beasley, Gina Ferolino - Personal Trainer 05.19.15-17


“I initially chose Beasley Martial Arts because I was attracted to the ease of scheduling private lessons that could vary with my schedule but within a few lessons I realized that the personalized attention from excellent coaches and the ability to learn at my own pace was an even better advantage. Being new to MMA can be intimidating; however, Coach Gina and Coach Tyler create an inviting relaxed atmosphere that makes even the most novice of beginners feel welcome and encouraged. Coach Tyler helps you focus on refining your skills and taking them to the next level. Coach Gina is excellent at helping you keep personalized fitness goals in mind. When she tells you that you will notice a difference in a month, you should believe her. After coming twice a week for a month, I was wearing shirts again that I had not worn in over a year! My only regret is not calling to schedule my first lesson sooner.”—Hope


“My husband and I had been talking about starting martial arts training since our relationship began in 2000. Since then finding the time and the resources to begin the training has always gotten in our way. Finally, about 2 years ago we decided that we would actually put forward a real effort into finding a martial arts training facility and dedicate some time to it to see what we like. We had done some research into the local martial arts facilities and tried some out but were discouraged by the pricey contracts, lack of personal attention, and lack of schedule flexibility that we were finding.  When we found Beasley Martial Arts– everything changed. We were very pleased to find out that the program is very individualized and can be targeted to fit our needs and goals on a daily basis. Coach Gina works very hard to make the schedule as flexible as it needs to be to try to fit all the students in and accommodate those of us with busy and changing schedules. The individual training ensures that we are not just going through the motions but are using proper form and getting the most out of each exercise and also just makes for a very fun environment. People can train individually, as a couple, as a family, in groups, or however way they want. For my husband and me, this hour of training twice weekly is also a time to bond and do something different and fun together while also getting our fitness goals met. Through our time with them, we also feel that we have developed a friendly relationship with the coaches which further adds to the relaxed and fun atmosphere while we train.

We have been with Beasley Martial Arts for over a year and a half, training twice weekly for an hour each. Since we began, we have both gotten much stronger and more fit and our martial arts skills have improved. The individualized training has also allowed me to continue with martial arts training through my pregnancy with ever-changing exercises that Coach Gina implemented. Gina has been amazingly compassionate and resourceful through my pregnancy, constantly doing research on the best techniques to fit my enlarging body and changing needs to make sure that I keep training and baby keeps benefiting from my fitness.

We are so happy to have found Beasley Martial Arts studio and thankful to Coach Gina, Coach Tyler and Dr. Beasley for all their hard work and instruction through our time with them.  We truly believe there is no better martial arts studio in the New River Valley. This has been an extremely positive experience for us.”—Gal & Mark, Blue Belt rank


“I joined Beasley Martial Arts studio and have been training with Mrs. Gina Beasley and her son, Tyler, for about two months. Originally, I heard about her husband, Dr. Jerry Beasley, by one of my co-workers who is a student of his at Radford University. I saw the advertisements for their studio every time I drove from Christiansburg to Blacksburg. So I gave it a try after hearing great things about the Beasley family from my co-worker. I train with Gina about twice a week and with Tyler every other week due to my work and school schedule. What I love about them is they work around my hectic schedule!

They have really made an impact on my life and of course my body. My self-awareness has boosted, plus I’m mentally stronger. Mrs. Beasley has made me physically stronger. I’m noticing muscles on my biceps, back, core, and gluteus. She pushes me past my limits every training session, which really motivates me. I know she does it for my own wellbeing. I have definitely improved from Day 1 from doing six pitiful pushups to 25.

Mrs. Beasley gives you the best of both worlds. She teaches combinations and how to properly work out. Tyler knows his thing and makes sessions fun. He’s taught me some sweet combinations. His martial arts knowledge is superior. I hope to continue to work with them for many, many more sessions.”—Sonia


“A friend recommended that I try the Beasley’s Martial Arts studio two years ago. I am not typically an active person, so I was surprised at how much I looked forward to my session each week! The energy and self-confidence I gained from training at the studio soon inspired me to pursue more fitness-centered activities. I now live a more active and healthy lifestyle that began at their gym. Gina and Tyler are great motivators, and they create specialized workouts for each session at the studio. Their willingness to accommodate clients’ needs makes their studio perfect for beginners as well as those trained in martial arts.”—Kelli



“I chose the Beasley school because of its affordable rates and flexible scheduling. There are no monthly commitments that have to be paid up front, and they are willing work with my schedule so that I can train at my convenience. I’ve been training for about two years now, and through this training have gained confidence in my abilities as a fighter and as a person. I’ve matured both physically and mentally in ways I could never have predicted.


I’ve never considered myself as a fast person; however, training with the Beasley’s has improved both my coordination and speed more than I could have imagined. I would like to continue to gain speed in the execution of movements without losing power. Tyler is a wonderful instructor who really knows his stuff. He critiques your form and always demonstrates the proper way to move. Mrs. Beasley will push you to your physical limits without completely exhausting you. She emphasizes the cardio of kickboxing while helping you improve your technique and strength levels.


Most importantly I’ve learned humility. I started at the studio thinking I would just learn how to fight, and I have, but I also learned that you don’t look for a fight in everyday life. Self defense should always be that: acting in defense of one’s self when the situation calls for it.


I’ve gained motivation to pursue goals I previously thought unattainable. Small improvements in the studio have shown me how far I can get in life by taking things one step at a time.”—Alyssa, Blue Belt rank


“What I appreciate most about working at Beasley Martial Arts is that the training is focused on my goals. I am interested in self-defense that is practical, borrowing from the best techniques across a variety of martial arts. I am not interested in specializing in one specific discipline, chopping through boards, or achieving ‘belts.’ Tyler and Gina tailor their instruction to these goals. Over the past two years, I have gained a lot of confidence. I am more aware of my surroundings and less afraid to venture out alone. While I know I cannot protect her from everything, the skills and techniques my daughter has learned from Tyler give me great peace of mind. I will never regret making this investment in her safety and self-confidence.”—John

“Let me start off by saying I’m not a person that enjoys exercising. I own a farm and always thought that that was enough exercise in itself, and I didn’t need any exercise class, etc. My daughter who has various medical problems became seriously out of shape, she had no endurance, so she started at MMA kickboxing under the instruction of Gina Beasley. She had nothing but good things to say about her and her establishment, and she suggested that I try it for myself, being that I was dealing with my own medical problems and recovery. I had strained both of my ankles two times and they were very weak and then I had a serious bout of vertigo which affected my balance, and a blood flowing issue to my head which caused me to be light headed, with pressure in my head, tingling, light headedness, and vibrations in my ear. Every doctor I had seen was unable to suggest any treatment to alleviate my problems. I was desperate to find relief on my own, so I took my daughter’s suggestion and started with Gina at MMA kickboxing.

I was impressed on my first visit. She asked questions, evaluated my level of endurance and what my capabilities currently were, what my goals were, what part of kickboxing I was interested in, etc. She then proceeded to tailor my own personal program and agenda to get me on the right track to feeling better. She knew my attitude about exercising and that I wasn’t a big fan of it, but we both knew this is what I needed in order to feel good again and to lesson some of my symptoms.

She worked with me one on one, giving me the special attention that I needed and the gentle push to keep me going, whether I liked it or not. We had a mutual respect for each other and what we wanted to accomplish.

I lacked the discipline and time to work at home on my own, so this was perfect for me. Her professional coaching made it a lot more bearable and tolerable. To my surprise, after only one session I started to notice a slight difference in my ankles and head. She had to make some adjustments along the way but as time went on I was progressing with each visit, beginning to feel stronger and feeling better and relieving some of my symptoms.

I was amazed that exercising with a professional trainer has helped me more than anything that the medical field has done for me, so for those who are in the same boat that I am in and feel the same way about exercising, MMA kickboxing is for you and with Gina’s help you will have a different outlook on the benefits of exercising.”—Laurel


“I have been training for almost a year and a half. I started as cross training for running. I have noticed not only improvements with regard to running, but also with my personal confidence. The instructors go the extra mile with each client and tailor the training to each client’s needs. The instructors are also flexible with regard to my personal schedule and working with me as much as they can. I will continue training with this studio as long as possible.”—Chelsea


“I have been training with Tyler twice a week for almost 8 months, and it has been great! I walked into Beasley Martian Arts with no experience after finding them online. Gina and Tyler were very welcoming and willing to answer all of my questions. The schedule is flexible and convenient, you never pay for a missed session and it only takes a text message to change your plans. I have drastically improved while training with Tyler, who never fails to tell me what I am doing well and how I can improve. While the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed working hard is not-optional. Hard work is rewarded with rapid skill improvements, sore muscles, and plenty of sweat!”—Keith


“Raymon and I started training with Beasley Martial Arts in August 2014. Both of us were already very active but aspired to learn legitimate self-defense skills. We chose Beasley because we wanted a personalized and cost-effective approach to training. Beasley allows us to train and practice the same martial arts skills together despite our hectic schedules and a dramatic difference in size. The coaches are wonderful; Tyler is patient and has great explanations for movements and corrections. Gina is friendly and knows how to scale the workout for exactly what you need that day. They are also willing to work around your interests. When Raymon said he was really interested in learning how to use nunchaku, Tyler spent the lesson teaching us basic nunchaku techniques. Now Raymon regularly practices at home. I would recommend Beasley to anyone looking to learn or hone solid martial arts skills.”—Kara

“In the past year I have gained valuable life skills, confidence boosts, and health benefits while training at Beasley Martial Arts and Fitness. Prior to joining, I began modeling wedding dresses for Bridal Events. Whilst I enjoyed this immensely, I struggled with feeling insecure about my body. I wanted to be toned. I gained that by participating in hardcore training with Gina Beasley each week. Not to mention confidence and more energy! Through encouragement, keep-me-on-my-toes routines, and essential repetition I feel better about my stomach, arms, legs, back, butt (I even see a difference there!), and I just feel great after leaving each session. The sessions are mostly one-on-one and allow me to ask questions, stretch myself, and see results. Plus, they are fun! I get to hit stuff!


In addition, my training with Tyler on boxing combinations and technique have enhanced my strength, confidence, and ability to “do something” if I needed to. Every woman should have that confidence. Thank you to the Beasley’s for providing me with such a positive outlet!” –Joelle


“I chose this program because my dad had been wanting me to try mixed martial arts for a while, and I always had an interest in the sport. When I found the Beasley training center online, I decided to give it a try and am so glad I did. I’ve learned great self defense moves and other kickboxing techniques, as well as different muscle building and toning exercises. Both Gina and Tyler are very positive and helpful coaches, and I have learned an incredible amount in the year and a half I’ve been training with them. I feel more confident, strong, and experienced after training at this center.”—Kathy


“Beasley Martial Arts was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Very affordable and the trainers work with YOUR schedule, not like most where you have limited times. Was very out of shape but they got me moving again plus learned to defend myself. They know what they’re doing. Coaches Gina and Tyler Beasley aren’t just great trainers, they are my friends. Definitely choose to try Beasley Martial Arts!”—Gary


“My daughter and I have worked with Gina and Tyler for over two years. It’s been a great bonding experience for us. I love that you only pay for the sessions you attend and they are always happy to accommodate our hectic schedule. Each session is personalized for our skill level. Gina and Tyler make the workouts personal and fun.”—Tiffany


“The Beasley’s program has helped me rebuild my stamina and confidence following my various surgeries. The improvements I’ve made in just the first couple of months have been extremely rewarding.”—Natalie


“I’ve trained with Gina and Tyler for over two years. Since I started, my self-confidence has greatly increased and my training sessions have helped me have a positive body image and stay in shape. It’s been a great experience so far, all the way through.”—Ashley, Blue Belt rank