“If you are talking about training for fighting in the real world, well then baby you better train every part of your body.” Bruce Lee 1972

At Beasley Martial Arts, 3360 N. Franklin St., Christiansburg, we specialize in training every facet of boxing/kickboxing including the three primary ranges. Our linage begins with Bruce Lee, the original advocate of MMA and the world’s most popular martial artist. Lee was the 1960’s teacher to Joe Lewis, the legendary undisputed American heavyweight kickboxing champion. Lewis, in the 1980’s taught Dr. Jerry Beasley (8th dan Joe Lewis Black Belt) a world renowned and published expert on the methods of both Lewis and Lee. Dr. Beasley has taught over a thousand students in the NRV since 1971. Lee, Lewis and Beasley are among the elite few to have been inducted by popular vote into the prestigious and exclusive Black Belt magazine Hall of Fame. Elements from the following 6 methods are taught at BMA:

Boxing: Called the “Sweet Science” and the “Manly art of Self-Defense” Boxing provides the core art for all BMA programs. The defense and mobility learned in boxing is superior to all other striking systems

Kickboxing: Includes elements of muay Thai (elbow/knee/clinch), Original American Kickboxing, Jun Fan Kickboxing, K1 style and MMA style adaptations. Kickboxing methods include bag work, focus pad training and sparring.

Dirty Boxing: Also defined as stand up grappling, Trapboxing and Clinch Fighting. Most fights enter the clinch range. The successful fighter must display skill in Dirty Boxing. Best use is street-ready self-defense.

Submissions Boxing: Specializing in the MMA style Ground and Pound methods and including ground submissions skills adapted from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Japanese Judo Jiu-Jitsu.

Chinese Boxing: Scientific Street boxing designed by Bruce Lee for personal expression in self-defense.

Filipino Boxing: A proven total body self-defense method incorporating stick, knife, and empty hands aka Kali/Escrima/Arnis.

At BMA we can help you  reach your full potential in sport, self-defense or fitness kickboxing.

“It’s not the style that is important; it’s the individual that can make the difference. It’s not the technique that counts; it’s the delivery that insures success.” © J. Beasley

Beasley Martial Arts Mission Statement: We are dedicated to empowering those that seek personal growth through martial arts. It is our privilege to donate a generous portion of each tuition payment to a local Christian organization. Area church groups are invited to contact [email protected] for a 50/50 donation opportunity.