Warning about martial arts contracts: Martial arts contracts are a great idea for the commercial school but a really bad investment for most students. Fact is most students will not complete a year of instruction, nor will they complete even 6 months of lessons. The majority of all students receiving martial arts instruction take between a few lessons and a few months of lessons. Even if you pay for a one year contract it is likely you will not complete the year…but you will pay for it! Larger schools have to sell contracts, and lots of them, to pay the overhead. They then turn over or sell your tuition contract to a tuition billing company aka bill collector. It’s the ‘dirty little secret’ of our industry. Consider the facts before signing any agreement that guarantees you will pay for tuition even if you choose to or are forced to quit.


Private lessons

We specialize in private instruction.

  • All kids MMA programs are private/small group at $15 per lesson/ two for $20 per lesson
  • Adult private lessons are $15 per session/ Two for $20 per session
  • Women’s self-defense and fitness private training is $15 per session

Contact [email protected] for available morning and afternoon times.