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Thanks for your interest in our Beasley Martial Arts/Gear-6 Boxing programs. Our Boxing Martial Arts BMA Gym offers private sessions in boxing, mixed martial arts, self-defense and fitness kickboxing that incorporates the popular HIIT (high-intensity interval training) in a trendy “boutique” style studio where training methods are designed to meet clients’ personal needs. A lot of people choose our personal training sessions not just for the reputation and flexible scheduling, but because we offer a great price for individualized instruction. Most personal training sessions range in price from $45-$60 per hour. Our sessions cost just $15 for 30 minutes (two people for $20), or $30 for an hour (two people for $40). We can guarantee success in improved cardiovascular endurance, muscle tone, and flexibility within just four to six weeks. No contracts required. Just pay as you go.

Coach Tyler is a 3rd degree black belt and Gear-6 Boxing ™ specialist. He holds a blue belt (instructor level) in Brazilian jiu-jitsu from legendary UFC fighter Renzo Gracie. Our family has been in the martial arts business for over 45 years. Dr. Jerry Beasley, a Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer, VT’73, started the first commercial studio in the New River Valley in 1971. Dr. Beasley’s teacher for almost 30 years was the world champion Joe Lewis. Mr. Lewis’ teacher was Bruce Lee. Dr. Beasley has written about the Bruce Lee to Joe Lewis to Jerry Beasley lineage in 7 books and more than 70 published articles. Coach Tyler follows in his famous father’s martial arts legacy. At BMA we teach authentic Boxing and martial arts from many cultures around the world incorporating Bruce Lee’s jeet kune do fighting principles and strategies as a delivery system and for self-defense. As a nationally certified personal trainer and black belt instructor, I work with our studio clients and teach cardio kickboxing labs at Radford University (RU’84) as part of the Health 200 course.

In the private sessions, we teach the basic stand-up skills (boxing, kickboxing, and elbow/knee strikes) on hanging bags and the ground-and-pound skills on ground bags/dummies. We also incorporate combinations on focus mits and Thai pads as part of the cardiovascular training. And, we incorporate advanced self-defense scenario drills to prepare you for real-life personal protection.

In my sessions, I lead clients through a series of strength-training exercises that target the major muscle groups using hand weights, stretch bands, stability and medicine balls, hanging and ground bags, body opponent bags, and other equipment, as well as body weight. The goal is to increase muscle tone/definition. After conditioning the muscles, stretching exercises are incorporated into the workout to promote flexibility and to alleviate muscle soreness and help prevent muscle injury.

We have a complete BMA, Boxing, Kickboxing studio with UFC © authorized bags and dummies, focus pads, ropes, etc. You will master the fundamental and advanced stand-up skills (punches, kicks, and elbow/knee strikes). You will cross-train in western boxing; Filipino, Thai, Japanese, and American style boxing/kickboxing techniques. You’ll also learn submissions boxing for Brazilian-style ground fighting. It’s the complete BMA, Kickboxing, self-defense package taught one-on-one with total privacy, no embarrassment or intimidation from other fighters.

The Beasley family owns and operates the world-famous Karate College mixed martial arts summer camp, voted by Black Belt Magazine as the best training seminar in the world. Karate College hosts several instructors representing multi-cultural martial arts, including kickboxing legend Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and UFC fighters and jiu-jitsu experts Renzo Gracie and Matt Serra. The camp draws 200 participants annually from throughout the U.S., Canada, and abroad. This year was our 28th anniversary.

Beasley Martial Arts BMA Gym is conveniently located on U.S. 460 at the intersection of Franklin and Merrimac, between NRV Mall and Montgomery Hospital.

If you have questions or need further information, please e-mail or text me at (540) 230-8848.

Thanks, and have a great day!

Gina Ferolino-Beasley (Certified Personal Trainer) and Coach Tyler, BMA/Gear-6 Boxing ™ Kickboxing Personal Trainers/Black Belt Instructors