Q and A

Most Often Asked Questions

1- By what authority can you offer this organization?

Answer: History. We encourage you to do the research. The evidence of the Joe Lewis-Style was first published in Sports illustrated in 1971. Dr. Jerry Beasley, a University professor, trained researcher, and Black Belt™ Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year 2000 is arguably Joe Lewis’s most prominent student. More than a student he was Joe’s chief publicists, business and training partner, co-author, promoter and long-time personal friend. Joe once said of his friend, “Jerry has written more books and articles about me than any other person.”

2- Why re-introduce the Joe Lewis-Style ™ self-defense systems: The Bruce Lee Era now?

Answer: Joe Lewis passed in 2012. Dr. Beasley is 67. In order to pass on the legacy of the Joe Lewis-Style during the Bruce Lee era (1968-1971), a time in which Joe Lewis was at his absolute peak as a fighter, a time that greatly shaped Joe’s future career, we must act now. To fully understand what Joe Lewis meant to thousands you must research the original Joe Lewis-Style™. The acknowledged expert in the style is Dr. Jerry Beasley. He is the one person that Joe Lewis entrusted with the Bruce Lee era material.

3- Can you get a Black Belt in the Joe Lewis-Style™?

Answer: No. As late at the early 1980s Joe was adamant about wanting no “phony baloney” black belts. Joe said “I am a fighter, see.” In the JL-S™ there are students, apprentice coaches, assistant coaches, coaches and head coaches. Joe preferred the term coach over instructor because frankly Joe didn’t like the traditional chain of command. It should be understood that as Joe aged he did adapt a more traditional rank system for his competition arts. However the Bruce Lee era material is not traditional, nor was it intended to be packaged into typical under belt and black belt programs. Joe also preferred, like his mentor Bruce Lee, to teach private and small group lessons. If you are a black belt instructor of any style consider adding the Joe Lewis-Style™ to your curriculum. JL-S™ blends with all systems. You practice up to full-contact (with protective equipment) sparring and perform self-defense drills with protective equipment and non-compliance. And you are guided by the same principles and fighting strategies that Bruce Lee created and taught to his pupil and world champion, Joe Lewis. Use what works!

4- I trained with Joe Lewis so I already know the material right?

Answer: No, not necessarily. You have learned the sport form of the Joe Lewis System. You will have to be updated on certain terms. For example the Offensive Approach is a code word for JKD. The angular attack is code for Bruce Lee’s 5 Ways of Attack. Set Point control was originally defined by Bruce Lee and Joe Lewis as it related to 60s era boxers. On every authentic Joe Lewis Black Belt certificate is the term “Non-Classical Combative Methodologies.” This is a term coined by Joe’s co-author and research partner Dr. Jerry Beasley to identify specific material from the Bruce Lee era. Including the term N-CCM was a “tip of the hat” by Joe to acknowledge Dr. Beasley’s contributions and partnership.

Imagine taking the same “research material” that Joe taught almost exclusively as application in competitions and ring sports but this time it is applied to street level self-defense. That’s Bruce Lee Era Joe Lewis-Style™. Maybe you are already teaching self-defense Joe Lewis-Style™. Then join us and share the info.