Joe Lewis American Karate Systems

“The Official Joe Lewis-Style™ Self-Defense Systems: Bruce Lee Era.”

Bruce Lee Era-Joe Lewis-Style™. Designed for the Street: works in the Ring!

Bruce Lee was proud of his champion fighting protégé. And why not? Over a period of about 16 months between 1968 and 1969 Lee had helped refine the undisputed world heavy weight champion, Joe Lewis. Bruce Lee and Joe Lewis worked together closely to create the signature Joe Lewis-Style™. While other martial artist of the day (1968-1971) practiced a form of non-contact fighting Joe Lewis, as did his mentor Bruce Lee, fought with full contact. As Bruce Lee predicted when you test your skills under the pressure of full contact you quickly learn to abandon the artistic skills and absorb what is useful. The time Joe spent under the guidance of Bruce Lee would totally shape his future career.  At Joe we focus entirely on the research collected during the Bruce Lee Era 1968-1971.  Join us.

Said Joe Lewis about training with Bruce Lee “Bruce and I would train together and then study the strategies of different fighters on film and then we would go to tournaments and watch guys fight, and we would analyze them together. I was like the test tube.  I would go out and get in the street fight or I’d go out in a tournament and I’d prove whether it worked or not.  You can’t have a better setup that that.  We would watch boxing on TV and do the same thing, so it’s like a research center, like research laboratory.  I thought it was the greatest life that ever existed.  And I don’t think there was ever anything like it before or ever will be again.” (Excerpted from Joe Lewis by Jerry Beasley, 1998)