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November 27, 1940 – July 20, 1973. Today we remember Bruce Lee. An inspiring teacher, fighter and actor, Bruce Lee changed the world of martial arts. He was only 32 when he passed but wow what a difference he made. Lee was born in San Francisco, lived the first 18 years in Hong Kong and returned to the US in 1959. He began teaching kung fu in 1960 and in 1964 earned a national reputation as a performer at the famous Ed Parker International Karate Championships. In 1965 he fought Wong Jack Man in a 3 minute duel and determined his original art of wing chun had limitations. In 1966 he acted as Kato in the Batman series and in 1967, after years of research and study founded jeet kune do. Lee determined that fighting was simple and direct and JKD was exactly that: a few kicks, a few punches and a lot of dedication to fitness, endurance, mobility, strategy and preparation. Dubbed “The King of Kung Fu” Bruce Lee was immortal.