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BeasleyMartialArts.com/Gear6Boxing.com is now conveniently located at 3360 North Franklin St. (old U.S. 460 East) halfway between the New River Valley Mall and Montgomery Regional Hospital. Train like a champion; feel like a million bucks. ©


All about Beasley Martial Arts and Gear 6 Boxing.com Boxing, Kickboxing, and Self-Defense: In private classes you learn exactly what you want. No wasted time on group exercises, scheduling, trying to fit in, or avoiding the drama that often can occur in groups. Come as you are, no special uniforms. In your first session you will cover the skills that use to take a week to learn in group classes. We provide a Boxing and complete BMA gym with UFC ©, Everlast © and Title © approved bags and ground dummies, focus pads, speed bags, mats and more, just for you. It’s all about you and it’s the fastest and best way to learn.

Train safe and feel safe at home. The key to self-defense is being fit and able to move, hit from different angles and position for superior offensive maneuvers. It takes one-on-one instruction from a fighter who’s prevailed against adversity both in and out of the ring to get the fastest and best results. Each Boxing/Kickboxing session is personally taught by Coach Tyler, an Aikia nationally certified Black Belt instructor and certified Gear-6 ™ Boxing specialist. You learn proper performance and delivery of each skill. You will not be injured or embarrassed in any way. Boxing/Kickboxing is suitable for kids (age 10 and over) and adults. When you advance in belt and training levels you will be personally awarded the rank at no extra charge. Private 30 minute training sessions start at only $15 each with discounts for family/multiple participants (2 for $20). No contracts, no bank transfers. Never pay for a class you didn’t take. Contact [email protected] or text 540-230-8848 to schedule your first lesson.

Private Lessons
“Coach Tyler gives you just the instruction you need and he is so easy to work with. He’s fantastic.”—Brian
“I like Coach Tyler’s private classes because he never makes you feel embarrassed. He takes the time I need to learn.”—Austin

Women’s Personal Fitness by AFPA Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and University Kickboxing Instructor Coach Gina’s Personal Fitness training for women Studies show that: Kickboxing burns an average of 500-800 calories an hour; targets your arms, shoulders, abs, thighs and glutes in one workout; Fantastic stress release; Boost energy and self-confidence. Learn self-defense.

Private lessons/personal training sessions are 30 minutes of high intensity interval training “HIIT” total focused instruction. Studies show that it’s not the duration, but the intensity, of the workout that counts. Incorporating highly individualized HIIT, strength, toning, and flexibility routines along with one-on-one focus pad training and bag work, you can enjoy the benefits of personal training as you progress in the Kickboxing program. It’s all about you and it’s the fastest way to learn and improve. Train with a certified black belt college kickboxing instructor one-on-one, or bring a friend and split the cost for the same low price of just $15 per session (two participants for only $20). We provide a complete martial arts studio with UFC © approved bags and ground dummies, focus pads, bands, weights, kettle bells, stability balls and more, just for you. It’s all about you and it’s the fastest and best way to learn. No contracts, no bank transfers. Never pay for a class you didn’t take. Contact [email protected] to schedule your first lesson. Or text 540-230-8848 for times.

Our goal is to serve our members: “Whosoever desires to be great among you, let him be your servant.” (Matthew 20:26). Since 1971, we have taught thousands of students in the NRV, including Virginia Tech and Radford University. We look forward to serving you!

Note: The Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing and MMA S.A.F.E for Kids programs are designed and owned by Aikia LLC with affiliations worldwide, www.aikia.net. About TechBoxing.com In 1972 Jerry Beasley, a VA Tech Philosophy major, approached the War Memorial Gym administrators with the need for a second martial arts club. At the time only karate, boxing, and judo were recognized as club names. So in 1972, Virginia Tech’s second martial arts club aka “Oriental” Boxing club was founded. As a graduate student in the 70’s Beasley founded or co-founded Tech’s kickboxing, judo, ju-jitsu, taekwondo, and self-defense clubs. After earning the doctorate in Education from Virginia Tech, Dr. Beasley joined the faculty at Radford University where he developed the Asian Martial Arts minor and the now world famous Karate College. BeasleyMartialArts.com represents the oldest and best name in martial arts in the NRV. About Gear6Boxing.com Join the fastest growing Boxing for Self-defense Affiliate Program in America. Gear 6 ™ Boxing Specialist certification level 6 is available only to Black Belts who complete rigorous fight training and ring fighting experience. Combines authentic western boxing with Jeet Kune Do fighting principles and strategies. beasleymartialarts.com mmakickboxing.net nrvkickboxing.com blacksburgkickboxing.com Christiansburgkickboxing.com collegestreetkickboxing.com techkickboxing.com