Many will train; some will learn to fight; few will earn the Black Belt

It could change your life!


Earning Belt Promotions and Setting Goals

Following the concept of goal setting, BMA kickboxing programs have been designed to help each student decide on a particular course of study.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step (traditional saying).

The Gold Belt Program

is designed for students seeking an introduction to martial arts training. Usually, attainment of the gold belt takes nine to ten months. However, students may take as much time as they need to earn this rank. The gold belt signifies skills in kicking, punching, footwork, submissions, etc., with an understanding of several martial arts systems.

The Blue Belt Program

represents an intermediate level of skill, halfway through the Black Belt Program. Generally, students can attain blue belt rank in 15 to 18 months but may take as long as necessary. At Blue belt level students understand the philosophy of martial arts and are able to exhibit excellent skills in kickboxing submissions boxing, trapboxing and self-defense.


The Brown Belt Program

The brown belt takes 25-45 months to complete all 3 levels and represents full maturity as a student. The brown belt shows mastery of basic skills and is often called on as the example of excellence in dedicated training. Brown belt, first class level is the step before application to the black belt program.

The Black Belt Program

The black belt in BMA kickboxing typically takes 46 months of continuous study which includes sufficient practice and performance of kumite. Attainment of the black belt is a supreme achievement combining physical skills and self-discipline. Those who have attained black belt rank report increased self-awareness, physical skills, and self-confidence. The black belt martial artist need no longer fear or feel inferior to anyone, for the mind and body have been trained beyond equal. Should a life be in danger or should the rights of others need defending, the black belt martial artist can move into action without hesitation. Failure is no longer a consideration. Martial arts training provide the ground work for success.

Rank  should be an honor; not an expense

At BMA you are never charged for promotions. When you have displayed the necessary skills and completed the time in grade you are promoted in front of your peers. At BMA belt rank is indeed an honor and never an expense.


Most martial arts students begin studying martial arts to improve self-confidence, physical fitness, discipline, weight loss, and self-defense skills. The BMA system has continually proven successful in assisting students as they work toward their goals. If martial arts instruction can help you achieve your own goals, then how much is it actually worth to you? Certainly more than what you will pay per month. Think about it. If as a result of high-intensity martial arts instruction you learn skills to improve your life, then can you measure that result in dollars and cents? Isn’t it time that you invest in yourself and your future? The payoff could be more than you ever imagined. The instructors at BMA can answer further questions about each program. If you are not already a class member, call for an appointment today.

Belt levels calculated on group schedules. Private lessons  typically cut times by 30-50%.